The Importance Of Getting Plenty Of Views And Likes For Instagram Content

The Importance Of Getting Plenty Of Views And Likes For Instagram Content

With over 750 million monthly unique users instagram views is the second most popular social media on the planet right now right next to Facebook; normally it is pretty hard for businesses to reach to their potential users and customers via Instagram, and yet it is harder to get people actually like or follow or view your brand or profile on Instagram. For all these hurdles only 9% of US small businesses use Instagram today to promote their brand alongside Facebook and Twitter. Now-a-days you need to do a lot more to get to your potential user or customer via social media than only engaging your social media profile or brand, you must also inform your users the benefits and facts why they should follow you and your products or services and how they can change their lives in a way they deserve and most desire. Doing the things the right way a business or a brand can expect numerous likes and views on their profile(s). And this makes Instagram really an amazing tool for social enterpreneurs today.

Statistics show that nearly around 34% of US internet users love to use Instagram as their primary social media platform and this makes Instagram the appropriate platform for a business owner like you to promote your brand on Instagram.

Now, why it is so essential to get lots of likes and views?
On Facebook you can promote your page to get tons of likes and impressions and get people to talk about your page and engage with your contents; but on Instagram you don't get these tools for promoting your profile or posts - it means pure hard work and quality of contents that leads to tons of likes and views and followers on your page on Instagram. Some celebrities rule on Instagram with millions of followers and likes and views. Technically, there is no difference between improved amount of likes and views and followers on Facebook and on Instagram - yes, in both cases you will encounter much improvement in sales and popularity at much affordable rates.

• Top benefits of lots of likes and views
- Instagram posts with high likes and views engage a lot of high quality audiences for your business and products on Instagram. You will featured on everywhere by hashtags if you get huge number of likes and views for your upload(s) on your Instagram page. Contents with hashtags enjoy very high amount of audience engagements and brings much higher spotlights in return to people browsing the hashtag niche. This means you will top in rankings for your niche and will get lots of commitments and last but not least sales and leads from the people that love to engage with the niche products and services.
- Popular profile with lots of popular uploads lead to a bilateral relationship between users and content owners. Users love to link back to profiles and contents that they liked from their websites and social media profiles and bookmark the page they viewed and liked. Thus a core relationship builds up among people and top brands via Instagram which leads to more sales and ratings and rankings.
- Instagram greatly empowers your brand's visibility. Beautiful images classified with appropriate hashtags and descriptions leads its viewers to drop on your profile to browse for more likely contents and even bookmark and follow you. Apart from Google and Pinterest, Instagram has a much larger impact to bring awesome contents at the same place together, so a potential customer do not have to look to and fro for relative contents that will satisfy their search and utility.
- Even stores from Shopify and Amazon like popular online megamarts agree that Instagam backlinks lead to much higher number of sales and retail conversions than that of Google plus or Youtube or even Facebook.
• "Visual marketing" is still the best method for marketing and promotions of products and services
Statistical patterns show that almost 90% people buy a product only by visual details of the product, such as color, texture etc. In economics, this thing is renowned as "color psychology". Textures and colors impact one's emotions toward a product or service and inspire them to engage with them.
Available ways to boost likes and views
"A picture speaks a thousand words" - similarly in business, the right picture speaks for a thousand dollars. Today people browse the internet based on few presumptions,

1) entertainment,
2) usefulness and
3) interesting.

Therefore it should be your perspective that the promotional images should satisfy one of these conditions in order to get people actually like your contents and most importantly convert into business leads.

Another way, is to get your contents popular on social media and hashtagged by many via promotional methods available to you. Statistically, popular images are more prone to get wider attention to the masses and get even wider promotions and likes and views and most importantly convert to business leads.